Sunday, October 4, 2009

El aeropuerto

I am not a fan of change. And I don't like the new airport.
Last fall(I think) our town opened up a new airport. It's still on the same property as our old airport. Eric and I used to joke that we'd land in Plainfield and taxi into Indy. Well, close enough, just next to the county line. And you have to go all the way past and double back to the new midway terminal. Last week, we dropped Daddy off for his trip, and I was intrigued by the cleanliness of it all. As Eric puts it, its weird having to read all the signs at our home airport, like we're visitors in another city. Yup.
That was true, the signs were good enough, and we got in and out in one piece.
But Eric came home yesterday morning. Conference got out early and he thought he'd take an earlier flight, they said there was 1 more seat, he got on the plane, of course being the Last Guy, there was no room for his carry on, so they gate checked it. He got on the plane to discover they miscounted and there was no room. So off the plane he went, and his bag...and wallet continued on to Indy. But by the time he got home after midnight Friday night, 4 hours later, the lost luggage office was closed.
So yesterday afternoon after naps, we drove Back out to the airport to retrieve Eric's suitcase. Chris griped the whole way. He didn't want to go airport. Didn't want to see panes. I think it was more like Didn't want to drop Daddy off again. He tantrumed. We let Daddy out at the ticketing level so he could find a helpful person, and then the plan was to meet him after circling around at the baggage level.
Did you know the new airport has Parking Nazis?
We are So not allowed to wait curbside that they built a parking lot for waiters, called the Cell Phone lot. Eric told me to go there, he'd gotten the scoop, I knew nothing. So, as I'm waiting for Grandpa Moses to pull out from the curb in front of me, I see a flick out of the corner of my eye. Next to my car (I swear I was there 30 seconds!) is a guy in green looking all police/nazi ready to bang on my window and tell me to move along. Seriously?
Do I look like I'm causing trouble in my minivan and two screaming kids? I guess so.
Anyway, I went to the Cell Phone Lot. By this time Sam is SCREAMING his head off too. I took him out, and then Chris flipped out because I wasn't letting him out of the carseat. Then we got buzzed by a giant FedEx plane. Poor Chris probably would've thought it was cool to check out, but he didn't see it, being all buckled in and all. Sam on the other hand got big giant eyes, and would've probably moved to freaking out, except it was gone pretty fast...blessedly. So as we're toting our barges back to get Daddy, I realize the new airport is like LAX. But without the giant neon tampons lighting the street up to the terminal. And now I'm just waiting for them to put up giant neon tampons here too.
I didn't like it. I don't like change. I don't like the new airport. Maybe I'll feel differently in 2 months when we go to Disney World, but today, I agree with Chris, I Don't Want Airport.


SuperSillyAunt said...

I actually loved the new place! I'm surprised they didnt' deliver Eric's bags to your house, they did Ryan's when Atlanta lost his. I think that's more an airline issue than an airport issue. The girls loved the cell phone lot...seeing all the jets fly by:) Sorry you guys had a bad experience