Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Review: Pit Stop

So I've been meaning to post about this place. It's called Pit Stop BBQ . It's a new restaurant out here, where the Chinese-American-Sushi-Buffet, whose real name escapes me, used to be at Dan Jones and 136. Apparently they won an award for Taste of Hendricks County BEFORE they were even fully opened!
A few weeks ago, someone at church mentioned they had just opened, and that they did a Sunday brunch buffet. Well, we left church and headed on over there. Holy Cow! From 10-2 on Sundays, they have a brunch, what a brunch! For $13, they have an Omelette man, a Waffle man (you know making big Belgian waffles, with fresh fruit and whatnot on top), a Ham guy, and fresh fruit, eggs, potatoes all the normal stuff. Eric got biscuits and gravy. And I sampled the Shrimp cocktail. Very good. The ambiance was pretty groovy too. Very heavy racing, and yet, classy not trashy. Right up front, there is an antique car, and we had to drag Chris away, he kept wanting to touch it.

Eric and I kept meaning to go back, seeing how they are supposed to be a Barbecue joint. The following week we went over on Sunday night, apparently they are only open for brunch on Sundays. It took us a couple weeks to remember to go NOT on a Sunday.
When we finally did. We were quite happy with their barbecue too. They have a selection of different things: ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and sausages. I don't think their sauces were spicy, they had two on the table: Sweet and Original. Simple yet yummy. I was also a big fan of their baked beans, which tasted like they'd put smoked pork in them. (Maybe like the yumminess of Steak and Shake and Wendy's chili uses leftover beef, they use leftovers to put the pork in pork-n-beans? A theory.)

The only negative thing I had to say was Chris. He was bouncing off the walls. He loved the car, and once we got him away from that, he was still a maniac. Eric and I agreed his misbehavior really took all the joy from our yummy dinner. It has become clear that Chris may need to NOT be allowed in public during dinner time for a while.