Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Can Do It!

We've had a bit of trouble this week with Chris being pessimistic, saying he can't do things, when we all know He Can! Turns out I Can too!
This week, Eric was gone. All week. For the first time since Chris was born he was on a business trip for the whole week. He left Sunday and returned in the Wee Small hours this morning. I would be lying if I said this hadn't freaked me out. It did. I was afraid that I would Ping my back and end up on the floor, with the boys stranded. Well, I didn't.
That first night I got an entire night's sleep; Sam slept through and Chris only woke once. I felt so good I didn't even need a nap the next day. Instead we went to the Apple Orchard. Tuesday I got wild and wooly and made some applesauce with the stuff we'd made. I didn't Can it, wasn't feel THAT crazy, just froze it. Made some Red Hot Applesauce and froze it this morning...I just kept sampling and sampling, I couldn't stop. Even Chris wasn't willing to wait for them to cool to sample our applesauces. Wednesday, I got crazier, and worked on a surprise project for Eric.

I painted the Bathroom.

Years ago, I sponge painted it: a sea, sun, and sand theme, a sand colored base with sun (peach) and sea (teal) splotchies. It turned out cool, but pretty wild for some. When we started scheming on moving, our realtor friend came out and gave us the scoop, he said to repaint the front hall, which was maroon (so now it's mocha--boring) and the bathroom. The bathroom didn't get done. Eric's theory was that we'd have to File off all my sponge painting before painting, and I disagreed. So it didn't get done.
So to surprise him, I painted it while he was gone. To show him how Easy it was going to be. It wasn't Easy. But I did do it. I can do it! But before you think I'm all 18 kinds of awesome, painting with 2 kids and all that, I'm not. I put Chris on the bus, and got to taping and did 1st coat. This was my before shot, which I didn't think to take until I was breaking out the paint.

I Parked Sam on the bed, in his bouncy seat, and moved his saucer into the bedroom while I worked. He seemed happiest when he was close. So moving his bouncy seat into the bathroom while I did the trimming seemed pretty close to me. It seemed that the more I got into it, got more sweaty and gross, the more Sam wanted to be held. And the happier he was to be buried in my armpit. Eww.

Chris on the other hand didn't mind running wild. Mommy let him play with his slide whistle and wreak havoc in general. He even got to watch TV immediately after school, Before Naps, (see the neglect) so Mommy could finish trimming before naptime...because Mommy SO wanted a nap too.

But I couldn't sleep. I was too excited about the painting process. I got the second coat done after I put the boys down for bed Wednesday night, and removed Tape Thursday. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. The color is a tan, but with hints of peach in it, from the same family of peach as our bedroom. There are some splotchies, but they aren't offensive, and you can't really see them if you don't spend some Time in the bathroom.

Now Eric came home at 12:30 am this morning (last night...whatever) and of course, Sam and I were up. He's been up hourly from 9-1 every night this week since Monday. Sam took one look at Daddy coming home, and perked right up, he didn't want to sleep at all. He was even trying to talk to him, pbbbttt. We got lucky and he only woke up once after Eric got him down last 1:30.
Anyway, I said, Come Here, and just had him follow me into the bedroom. I silently pointed, and he looked into the bathroom. "You got a new shower curtain!" Yeah, I pitched the old seashells one that we'd had since we moved back from California 8 years ago! and bought a 4$ cheap-o one. Figuring I'll be doing a new bathroom in a pretty new house within a year or so....hopefully.
He looks closer. "Wow. You painted! It looks so... spacious." I guess the plain walls give the illusion of more space. He was surprised. I think the thing that makes me most happy, and that surprises us both, is that I DIDN'T end up flat on my back. I Can Do It! Sure come Thursday I was drowning my achy back in caffeinated beverages, but I was upright! But then this afternoon he spent a little more time in there and he tells me that he is pretty sure he hears an echo. Like the room grew.

If that's true, I should paint the whole house, then it'll get bigger too!


Suellen said...

Dude. You are super mom. I can't manage one kid and part time working (with Alicia home!) You're amazing!

Seestor said...

Hey, well done you! It looks GREAT! Wanna come over and paint MY house?!? :)