Friday, October 23, 2009

Zoo Boo!

Every year, the Zoo stays open extra hours, and provides a Trick-or-Treat, complete with great decorations and people handing out candy, and games and festive fun. They call it ZooBoo. I love that it's not scary for the young kids. But then again, just when I think something may scare Chris, he proves me wrong.

Today was another day where we had thought plans were going to go one way, and they didn't. But it ended up being fabulous, because all Chris wanted to do this morning was stay in and watch tv, and it was raining. But when we woke up from naps, it was actually slightly sunny. I asked Chris if he'd like to go to the zoo, and dress up to do it. He said yes, and got ready post-haste.

We managed to get there just after a storm passed, so though everything was wet, we didn't get wet. Except Chris who sat on the ground as soon as we got there, when I told him to go by the pumpkin so I could take his picture.

Sam on the other hand, behaved quite well.

The giraffes were active and pretty interesting to both boys.

They had trick-or-treaters giving out candy. And the zoo was festively bedecked. But we were there during daylight, so we couldn't see any lights. They had a tent and inside was a hay maze. Chris just traipsed right in. He didn't exhibit any fear, I was impressed, until he saw a giant fake spider, and he wouldn't go past it, until an older kid did, and that boy was so nice he turned to help Chris. Then Chris went about 3 more feet, 2 more turns from the end, he turned around, and ran all the way back to the beginning.

This Lady Lioness was walking by the fence. I think she may have thought my little pumpkins were looking a little tasty tonight. It was getting near suppertime after all. And Trust Me, Sam has got some tasty toes. And belly. And neck. Yeah, that lioness might have enjoyed that treat.

They had this thing where Chris could 'build' a drum, or some flower thing. You can guess which one he was for. And Mommy had to like Hammer and stuff. (Definitely chose the wrong parent for that one.) But it turned out ok, Chris was thrilled to hammer, and even happier when Mommy let him bang on the drum most of the way home.

Mommy and her Punkins.


Carla S said...

What cute little pumpkins! Looks like fun!