Monday, October 26, 2009

Running away

You know how last time Eric left town, I went all domestically crazy and was productive? Well, This time I went a different kind of crazy.

We ran away.

To Fort Wayne. (And as boring as that sounds, we could've spent more time there, I wish we had, there was too much to do in the brief time we were there.)

Eric's retreat weekend with the Via de Cristo was up in Albion and I suggested that we be there to pick him up on Sunday, plus there's a song and prayer service on Saturday night we could attend. So we did. My Mother-in-law, wonderful woman that she is, came with us. And it was like being on vacation! Even though it was 1 night.
We left at almost lunchtime Saturday. Mommy was hungry when she went to the store for travel snacks, and bought enough food we didn't need lunch, or dinner. Sam slept most of the way (Wonderful!) and Chris was just sweet. But I did learn that though I may be able to do lots of things on my own while Eric is gone; pack, load, and unload just about exceedes my limits. Thank Goodness for my Mother-In-Law! Eric booked us at this NICE Comfort Suites, which was spacious, clean, and well priced. We got to the hotel, and of course, no one wanted a nap, they wanted a swim. So we did. But Chris's swim only lasted 5 minutes because he pooped in his swimmie. We tried to take naps, but it didn't work. Then we piled back into the car, and headed to the camp for our song and prayer service for those that are attending the retreat. It was great, we even caught a quick glimpse of Daddy. It was not guaranteed that boys would see Daddy, so even a glimpse was Bonus.
We got back to the hotel fairly late, driving back in the dark, we got a bit lost, and the boys didn't want to sleep. Chris finally fell asleep half on the couch and half on the cushions I had placed on the nearly 11. Luckily, Mom didn't hear either of them when they woke in the night.
As soon as we woke up, Chris wanted to go swimming again, we had breakfast first. Then the boys had so much fun that we didn't get out until Sam, red-eyed and pruny, started to lay on my chest and close his eyes. Then we speed bathed him and he conked out for his morning nap. Chris ran wild through the hotel room. At one point, my MIL was hair drying herself and Chris, and get dried for a second and run a lap around the room. I said, Are you being crazy?
"No" he said, "Drama (grandma) is." True. But he was too, I see where Chris gets it.
We were able to do lunch with Cousin Dolly, she's Eric's Dad's cousin not sure how that plays out with us, 1st cousin once removed in-law? She loved loving on the boys, and we hoped that they would take a nap when we got back to the hotel. They let us have a "nap extension" for check out until 2...Chris fell asleep at 1, Sam about 20-30 min later. We felt like we were doing something sneaky as we wheeled our luggage and the drowzy children out with 1 minute to spare.
We had an hour to kill before heading back to the camp, so we attempted some shopping, at Toys R'Us. Chris was a maniac, he was so happy, he was like...a kid in Toys R'Us. We didn't actually buy toys. just diapers, but you never saw a boy so happy to shop. And Sample some of those toys: trains, cars, skates! (Got some ideas for him for Christmas!) We were late getting to the camp, but they were running later. The boys did well up until about halfway through the Closing service, they were done. These boys are VERY Good at being distractions, sometimes, it's a Blessing, but it just doesn't work during people's Testimonies of Faith! So afterwards we snagged Eric and headed home.

I will say, though, My Favorite part of the weekend: while we were singing both Saturday and Sunday, Chris joined in, singing Alleluia, Alleluia. But last night, he joined us again, and specifically again on the verse, I will Serve Him, which he repeated multiple times. It brought tears to my eyes, I can't wait to see him Serve Him! It really was what the whole weekend was about for Daddy, but how amazing that Chris got it too.

We were additionally lucky enough to meet with Eric's Uncle Bill on the way home. He's a policeman and his 'beat' is right off the higfhway, so we met up with him at Cracker Barrel for some home cookin'. Chris was in a snit, until he saw full Police Officer regalia. It was like he didn't even recognize him, he couldn't see past the awesome uniform. Such a Smile. I think he eventually forgave us for keeping him out late, though it is Clear to me Chris is not ready for eating out at suppertime yet, especially when tired. He fell asleep in the car around 9:30 thpough he toyed with consciousness, he basically didn't wake up again until 9 this morning. Wish we all had been so lucky.