Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I don't need

I went to meet a friend for lunch today. Ericc is helping her sister with her computer, so I was making the 'swap'. OK, really it was an excuse to see her new baby boy, 8 weeks old and stinky precious.
Anyway, while preparing to take Sam and get ready to go, I grabbed my camera. My camera didn't really fit into Sam's classic pooh diaperbag. (We have 4 diaperbags by the front door: the black backpack which has stuff for both boys, the classic pooh, which is just Sam, and Chris's school backpacks, which are just diapers for him, though only 1 of those also has wipes and germy squirts, because dev preschool provides that.) So I decided to upgrade diaper bags. We were given a cool Colts bag by my Dad and Stepmom (which they had made) when Sam was born, so I transferred a few Sam things into that one, you know dipes, wipes, an outfit, wipey cloth, bib and spoon. Well, and phone and my camera. Just the bare necesitities. :)
Then I grabbed Sam and drove off, had a nice lunch.
On my way home, I began to dig for my phone to call Eric. It was in a side pocket. I pulled out a funky paper thing. I brought it around (diaperbag was around behind my seat), and it was a gauzie pack. The were gauze pads that we used to put on Chris's feeding tube. They looked like this.

They used to come in little packets of 2 gauzies a piece. And apparently I had stuffed an 'emergency gauzie' in that diaper bag.

I don't need it anymore.

It brought tears to my eyes to say that, to see it, to realize it. I can't say I'm going to throw it away. It's a gentle reminder. Just one piece of what we've been through, and what Chris has overcome. He will have been Feeding Tube free for two months come tomorrow. I'm so proud of him. We have so much to celebrate.
It makes me that much happier to realize that 6 weeks from today, we're going to celebrate it all for him in Disney World!