Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Emergency Hugs and a Pretty Day

Or The Top 12 for Tuesday.

Yesterday the boys and I had our first Mommy and Me yoga class taught by one of our MOPS Moms. I loved it, good stretching and Chris called it "Etsercise tlass". Even Sam enjoyed watching us pretending to be airplanes. Chris had fun running around the church, and participated a lot more that I thought he would have, but he threw a ginormous tantrum as we left the church and went home, really a necessity for a boy to just Chill.

However, I got a note from a friend of mine who was having a "Day". (You know, when you're having a Day.) It was a case for SuperHugger. So, I told her run to Butler I'll meet you, so I brought a picnic. I'm so glad we did, it was probably our last pretty day for a while. I was so happy that God was out there reminding me how Beautiful death can be by the colorful death of the tree leaves. He really does very good work!

My cell phone pictures are being goofy and small so they don't really do the beauty justice. The Butler Gardens were so beautiful and full of color. It's technically the end of Peak season around here, but the golds and reds on the trees are still pretty amazing.

Chris enjoyed running wild during our picnic, he climbed all over the gazebo. It's funny how different this same spot is from when Eric proposed to me here. Now there's a gazebo, and a tree planted in honor of someone. And Chris LOVES to play on the gazebo. So much changes, and yet so much stays the same. It's still beautiful and peaceful.

Chris took it upon himself to Make Brett Play. Brett wasn't too sure about playing. He was pretty good at it.

But Chris was persistant, and showed him how to play with sticks and run around trees.

I wanted pictures of the boys with the gorgeous trees in the background, and Brett wasn't too interested in my photo session. Chris "helped." He may have scared his friend more than help by trying to adjust him.

I was even get a couple pictures of happy Sam in the shade of happy trees.

Here he was by the canal.

The boys took a walk across the bridge, well, Chris started walking.

OK, truth be told, they ran.

Luckily Carrie was up for the chase.

After crossing the bridge, Brett kept right on going, tramping through leaves, right down the hill. It's a Beautiful sound, all that leave crunching in the fall.

Chris watched for a while, then made up for their head start by dashing down the hill. Sam and the stroller were not making it down that hill, no matter how beautiful it was, or how much I wanted to go. To get him back up the hill, I stood there and played Red Light/Green Light. And he loved it. It must be his favorite game, and I was just happy standing there in the fresh air waiting to be tackled by my sweetboy.

I told Chris that our friends had needed us to come play. But truthfully, I needed it too. Really the picnic and playing was just icing on the cake. Sometimes you just need Hugs, deep breaths, and fresh air. It was exactly what everyone needed.