Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow time

It snowed on Eric's birthday, but it wasn't until After our trip to the Museum that we had any time to get out in it.  Chris and Sam couldn't wait to get out and play in the snow.  Turns out Chris needs new winter boots, I promised him some for his birthday, his feet are so big. 

I get the biggest kick out of them playing in the snow together.  
Sam got a new (gently used) coat, but it didn't have a hood, so he's been sporting his elf hat with it.  But Chris Wanted to wear his elf hat under his hood, but it was a look that didn't work.  He decided to go with his Batman mask instead.  I'd forgotten how much fun winter garb we had.  

Franken - sweetboys.

Sam's gonna get me.  

Time for some snow angel time. 

The boys were having just a bit too much fun climbing in and around the woodpile.  

We told them to get off the logs, so then they decided to break out their shovels and shovel the snow... 
in the yard. 

Since Jake is just a little too little to be going out to play in the snow, I have a new job.  
Jake and I are the cocoa makers.  I make hot cocoa while the boys play outside, so that when they come in, it's all ready for drinking.  In the mean time, I'm trying to take pictures, and make cocoa, and Jake is trying to break out of his seat.  Doesn't he get that he's supposed to chill out and sit sweetly?  Nope.  

Boys with cocoa and cookies.  
The end of a fine day.