Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The newest family member

Welcome to the world Cole Alan Willman. 

Our newest nephew was born yesterday December 30th, weighing 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and 20 inches long.
And he's Beautiful. 
And Perfect.  
And I am so Thankful.

I had Therapy up in Zionsville last night, while Erica was laboring, so I told Karl I'd swing by with some sandwiches afterwards.  I remembering being in hospital, and Eric rarely remembered to eat until he was starving.  We have always been so Thankful when people bring food to us.  I also couldn't wait to see them...if I happened to be there when the baby was born ok.  But I only had a minimum amount of time away from Jacob, I wasn't bringing him in, and he is still on antibiotics, he has no business in a hospital.  I Lucked Out!  Cole Alan was born an hour and a half before I arrived.  They were still in the labor/delivery room, recovering, and hadn't quite been moved to a room yet.  They were giving Cole a bath when I arrived, getting him all spruced up and clean.  His little head was so fuzzy.   He was Perfect.  From head to toe - perfect, beautiful and healthy.  Praise God. 

And Erica - Well, I just have to say, she looked fabulous!  I have NEVER seen someone look so beautiful after giving birth.  She was smiling, happy, and frankly, it was just downright rude to look so good after giving birth.  They even had her get up to go to the bathroom.  You know, it occurred to me on the way home, after 3 c-sections, I've never sat in the room I gave birth for a while (it's always been an OR), nor have I hopped up to go to the bathroom without bringing a bazillion cords along for the ride...I haven't been able to walk for hours, that's what surgery and a spinal will do to you.  Duh.  But she was doing so well, I couldn't believe it.  They had her pack up and get ready to move.  

Karl came over to check on Cole, just chillin' on the warmer (actually not chilly at all, quite toasty). 
I love this pic of him, totally sums up his pride and joy at Baby Cole. 

He's so pretty. 
I hate to say that about a boy.  But he is.  
He also looks a lot like Erica. He's totally got her nose and eyes.  
He got a little fussy, and made a face that I've seen on my boys, a pouty lip.  Oh yeah, he's a Willman.

And once Erica got in a chair, they brought her over too. 

Then they gave Baby Cole to Erica. 
And we had a happy family of 3. 
I didn't use flash very much, because babies hate it, and the light was low in the room. 

Mama and her sweetboy. 

But he's such a sweetie. 
Ah yes, the furrowed brow, just like my boys.  

I did get to take a turn holding him, and asked Karl to get a picture of me.  
But it focused on the door.  Oh well.  

Baby  - still cute.  He kept sticking his little tongue out.  
I tried to get a picture but couldn't.  
Eric said he drank an ounce of formula before I got there, he's not going to be a 6 pounder for long!

Today during naptime, Eric went up to the hospital to meet his newest nephew.  
We decided the boys could wait to meet him, we didn't want him to catch anything. 
When Eric arrived, Karl said, we just fed him, and you just missed me changing my first diaper. ;) 
He was precious, and pooped in his pants for Uncle Eric.  
He told Karl, "Well, it's about time for the second." 
Being an Aunt (or Uncle) rocks.  Poopy diapers or none.  
I can't wait to give my newest nephew lots of loving and spoilage again very soon!