Friday, December 6, 2013

Blogging about a Birthday

Happy Birthday Eric! 

So 39 is the year of the shoes.  Apparently.  
The Birthday Pig decided that all walking boys in this family all needed church shoes, so the pig brought them all black merrills.  Nice pig.  

Daddy also got some work clothes and dress up clothes.  

Jake was just happy to play with the boxes.  

Eric's birthday fell on a Thursday and he had to work. Bummer.  
So Mommy got a wild hair.  She decided that after Kindermusik class, Jacob, Sam and I all needed to Kidnap Daddy for his birthday lunch.  So we did.  :)   We grabbed Daddy from work, and then we popped downtown to California Pizza Kitchen.  I haven't been there in a couple years.  My goodness they make good things.  Eric took Sam to go watch them make our pizzas.  Surprisingly, being out without Chris felt weird, kind of date like, quiet.  It was nice.  We walked around the mall, forgetting what it felt like.  We used to be down here all the time when Eric worked here, now I don't recognize half the stores.  I realize how much money I used to waste going downtown.  But that was the phase of life we were in.  
I like this one better. 

They say, Ah the Good old days.  But back in the good old days, I don't think I laughed as much as I do now.  Yes, I also scream  a lot more often, and the frustrations are slightly different.  But there are definite perks to being grown up with a family, than when we were young whippersnappers just out of college.  We know what we like and what we don't, and we do as we like.  And we like eating good food.  

Because Eric's birthday fell during the week, we didn't think we'd get to celebrate much in the evening.  I had Therapy, Chris had piano lessons.  But then I got another wild hair and asked Mom W. if she'd put the big boys to bed so we could go to the movies with my book club, who was planning a field trip.  Only a giant snowstorm blew in instead.  So we cancelled the movie, and instead of eating dinner at the movie theatre, we decided to do what Eric likes best.  Sushi.  We went around the corner to the local sushi bar.  We were the only people in there.  It was Great.  

Well, we had Jacob with us.  But he doesn't count much when he's in a good mood.  
Which he was.  The sushi was good, and instead of taking 3 minutes to get home, it took 5 in the snow.  I know Mom was grateful we didn't go as far in the snowstorm.  Even the manager at the sushi place came out as we were leaving to make sure we'd be able to get home ok.  They are really nice over there at Tegry.  

We got home fine.  And we arrived to the prettiest snow of the season.