Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Date

Every year, Eric's company hosts a holiday party.  They're usually up on the north side of town, rather a hoof, but they are Fancy.  It's the 1 time a year, I get dolled up, pantyhose and make-up, the whole nine yards, and schmooz with grownups.  Eric's been there now 10 1/2 years, and for 7 we've been going to these parties.  They used to be at the company ceo's neighborhood club house, they kept having to move to bigger and bigger rooms to accomadate us all.  When Eric joined he was the 10th employee, now there are like 150.  There were 220 people at the party we went to on Friday night.

Unfortunately, we were running late.  Not our fault, apparently 800 people were all trying to get downtown to the Columbia Club at the same time.   We were having dinner at the Columbia Club, followed by tickets to the ISO Yuletide Celebration concert.  It's singing, dancing, and an orchestra, followed by free food.  How could we lose?  Actually, when these invitiations showed up, I was so excited, I called my mother in law and begged her to watch the boys. I know, it was going to be like 5 hours, I'd never been away from Jacob so long, but OH! How I wanted to go out on a fancy date like this.  I couldn't remember the last time I'd seen the ISO in concert, I wanted to say, maybe as seniors in college, or right after graduation, still, that was like 15 years ago.  So we went.  And it was Good. 
Even though traffic was awful, we still had a lovely view of the tree on the circle.  I love my town.  It took us 2-3 times longer to get downtown than expected, we arrived with just barely enough time to scarf down some fancy dinner, roast beast and chicken and all kinds of yummy buffet stuff....and I had a glass of wine before dashing next door to the concert.  

Yes, I took a 'selfie' of us at the concert.  It's this rare.  Last year, we were up at the Palladium, Eric wheeling me everywhere in a wheelchair.  By the time I got dressed cute, and we drove up, and ate, I was exhausted and contracting and didn't even make it to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy perform.  This year I was Healthy (mostly) and was able to walk under my own steam to the theatre.  And our theatre on the circle is so classic, old, and pretty.  It was a great show - Sandi Patty and the Von Trapp (yeah, like in Sound of Music) grandchildren performed.  There was singing and dancing, and it was wonderful fun.  I think Christopher probably would have enjoyed it too, but Sam wouldn't have sat that long.  Maybe another time we can take kids to that sort of thing.  

After the concert, the snow had begun to fall.  
But I had an errand.  Christopher had written a letter to Santa, so I offered to mail it for him, since I knew there was a mailbox on the circle.  I've wanted to take the boys downtown to mail it, since it's so pretty downtown in the evenings, but we haven't been inclined to get out in the evenings at all with the kids.  Jake hates getting out after dark.  So I mailed it for Chris, and took some pictures of it. 

Here I am, mailing Christopher's letter to "Santa Clues"

I loved to look of the trees on the circle wrapped in lights, as the snow was falling. 
Simply breathtaking.

I love my town.  

Check me out - literally a girl out for a night on the town.
What's it been, like 15 years?  Maybe only 10. 

"Visions of sugarplums dance in their heads"

When we came back to Mom's, the boys were sacked out on the floor with cousin Cameron who came to visit for the weekend, they'd apparently been going gangbusters all evening.  Jake had not eaten much, a mummum and some squash, I'd forgotten a bottle, but he sacked out on Mom, falling asleep on her chest  much like he does to me every night.  I know it was rough on them, but it was a wonderful evening, a real grown up date night.