Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cookie Fest 2013

Lisa and the girls came down for a massive slumber sleepover last weekend.  Yes, we bees crazy. And as crazy as having 5 kids around can be, it was good to spend some time with the girls.  Lisa had a wicked cold so we took the girls and the boys down to Cookie Fest with Oma and Opa.  I love going down to my Dad and MB's for this new tradition, my stepmom is the best cookie maker ever, and I love how she's sharing this with the kids.  

Here are the Top 10 photos from Cookie Fest 2013. 

1. Oma knows how to line it all up.  She found matching hats and aprons for all the kids at Target.  

2. Time to get serious.  Jacob observes as the kids all dig in, decorating Oma's homemade sugar cookies with any and all decorating possibilities at their fingertips.  

3. Chris samples.  Guess he's gotta test the icing, you know, make sure it's ok. 

4.  Charlie, hard at work.  I love this picture of Charlie.  I kept meaning to crop it better, but never got around to it.  She was a pretty hard little worker. 

5.  Guess which one is Sam's?  Yup, the green one.  The insanity of the Layers of green icing and green sprinkles that he puts on his cookies slays me.  

6.  The Brown icing.  Chris wanted brown, so Oma threw some together right away, so he could make a brown reindeer.  It's hard to tell, but when he's focused on something he sticks his tongue out when he works, just like me, just like my Dad.  I love when he does that. 

7.  Annie, hard at work.  Annie had a marshmallow problem.  She wanted to eat them by the handful, then she's decorate by the cookieful, and the cupcake.  When given the choice to eat - she went for the cupcake, but she just picked off the marshmallows.  

8. Beautiful.  My stepmom hates, hates, hates having her picture taken.  Most of the time, I acquiesce.  I understand, being in front of the camera is not my favorite either.  But she is beautiful to me, even more so when she shows her love by doing simple things, like here, just holding Jacob.  I know how much she hates having her picture taken, so I'll only do this one, and this image can last me for a few years, it is so beautiful to me. 

9.  Christopher sampling his "To the North Pole cupcake".   I can't believe he can get his mouth around the whole thing! 

10.  The sugar high.  After decorating, and eating, the kids went downstairs to watch a cartoon with Opa.  They were bonkers, not surprising, but they were so cute climbing all over each other.  They watched Frosty with Opa, and just as they came down from the sugar high, we hit the road.

Another Cookie Fest Success.