Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's all about the Hats

I made hats for the boys.  They are super cute long elf hats in red, green, and white.  

And Sam loves his hat!

So yesterday we took the boys to the Children's Museum to visit Santa.  Last year, we didn't make it until Christmas Eve, so we thought if we went earlier in December, we could avoid the crowds.  It was a little busy on a Saturday morning, but Nothing like what we saw last year.  In fact, we did a pretty decent job of avoiding the crowds.  And the boys were Stinky Cute.  

Even the welcoming elves at the Museum's entrance love their hats.

All my sweetboys by the Water clock.  
(Jake's hat isn't quite done yet)

And Chris loves his hat!

The first thing I wanted to do was to get in line to see Santa, while a. the line was short, and b. the boys were in good moods.  Jacob was in the best mood...particularly when big brother would share his hat.  He loves them.  He loved to play with the pom-poms.  Thank goodness they are long, so it's easy for him to do so. 

I love to watch him play.  

This was my favorite one of Jacob, as he got his first look of Santa.  Whoa. 

The boys did a Great Job with Santa 

Christopher told Santa he wanted a Power Wheels, and a Nintendo DS. 

Sam asked Santa for a Motorcycle.  
What's with these kids today?

After meeting Santa, the boys went for a quick ice fishing trip. 

Christopher is now too big (woohoo!) to get up on the ice castle. 
 So Sam got to play on that one all by himself.

Can you spot the great sock skating willmans? 
Both in red not that kind of red shirt. :D

Christopher loved charging back and forth and back and forth.  

Somewhere in this madness, Jacob lost his mind, so I had to go feed him etc. while Daddy took over picture taking and playing in the Jolly Days exhibit.  

Both boys decided to "bake some cookies". 

Sam gives us a little view while he puts his 'cookies' in the oven.  I swear that kid loses pants faster than anyone I know, and that includes Chris who doesn't have much more to hold things up than Sam does.

Chris fixes a giant tray of 'cookies' to bake. 

Daddy and Chris duke it out with an epic battle of checkers. 
Daddy won.  But it was close. 

Then I started getting tired, physically and emotionally.  Really I only have the energy to do one or two exhibits at the Children's Museum still.  (When will I be healthy?!) So I told the boys it was time to head out.  Then they remembered they wanted to slide down.  OK, mom's a sucker.  But this year Sam was big enough to go by himself.  So I sent the boys down racing by themselves.  Daddy met them at the bottom of course, but still, this is the first year in a while I haven't Had' to ride down with them.  

Sam had some technical difficulties with his mat, and Chris won.  But they were gracious, considering.  
They just didn't want to leave.  But Mama was exhausted.  It was a Perfectly Wonderful visit.  And I deemed it a success because no one cried or freaked out on Santa's lap.  We've had way too many years where that's happened.  And it was a big upgrade from last year where Eric had to push me in a wheelchair all over the place.  Overall...This year's visit was a resounding success!  Maybe it was the hats, maybe they bring us good luck?!