Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Program Palooza

Got some Festive pics to post!  Sunday was a Big Day around here.  Not only did we have a Christmas program at church, but Sam had one at school in the afternoon too.  The kids had a quick practice on Saturday morning.  Since Lisa and the girls were spending the weekend with us, I begged Lori and Jeanine to let them participate.  So they did!  And even though the girls didn't know all the words they got to play along, most importantly,  Dress Up.

First of all, we learned Charlie is a runner.  
She hasn't experienced Sunday School, or an organized program like this before, so as we were sitting there waiting, Charlie, dressed as a lamb, came running out.  I snapped a pic and sent her back.  Come to find out later, that she'd made a mad dash on Saturday morning too, and before they knew it, she'd gotten outside into the snow.  Not long mind you, but she did get a breath of fresh air before being dragged indoors. Sneaky little minx, just like her mama, who used to try to find ways to escape the YMCA day camp we went to when she was almost the same age.  

Jacob is ready to play.  He was pretty excited. 

When the kids came out, Sam and Annie were lambs, and Charlie had changed into an Angel. 
Though she was not being very Angelic.  She was up on the stage for all of 10 seconds before running, and I reached out and grabbed her.  I held that sweet angel hostage in the pew for the rest of the show.  There are worse punishments, but actually she enjoyed our view.  

This year Sam had a Speaking Line!  I was so proud of him.  

On the 7th day, God Rested. (Very Important)

Christopher had a speaking part too - he hadn't memorized it, so he rolled up the scroll.  He kept playing with it, such that by the time it was time for him to speak, he had to unroll the whole thing.

"Then an Angel came and the shepherds were Sore Afraid."
What in the world do you suppose they mean by that?  Does it mean that they were shaking so much that they literally shook until they were sore?  If so, then a couple of Chris's sunday school classmates were all over that.  One of the kids shook the entire time the angel appeared.

The Angel comes, and the kids sang Hark the Harold Angels Sing. 

Meanwhile, Sam and Annie were not exactly doing what they should, but they were so adorable, it hardly mattered.  

Charlie couldn't take her eyes off the kids as they did their program.  
Sure, it was a bit of a bummer she opted not to participate, but really, that was ok, because I think she got more out of it, observing from the pew than she did up on the stands.  

As a reward afterwards, they got donut holes from Hilligoss. 
Donuts and juice, the kids were totally stoked....and sugared up.  
We didn't stick around for the regular church service.  

For some crazy reason, I signed us up to Usher that Sunday, which consisted of standing at the front doors and say Good Morning and Welcome to everyone that came in.  The kids took this Job very seriously, and I'm afraid to say that most of the people that came to church that morning, got bowled over by a mass of boys and girls screaming Good Morning.  Good thing most of the folks at our church find that sort of Enthusiasm enchanting.  Because I had a headache by the time church started, so we came home.  

And we stopped for pizza on the way.  
I'm sure, they were all thinking, Ahh, a Lovely Cheese pizza just for them.  
Until later, when the girls got the pukies...and Chris woke up in the middle of the night with an ear infection.