Friday, December 13, 2013

A Matchy Jammie Problem

I have a problem. 
I adore children in matching jammies. 
If matching adult jammies weren't so expensive, I'd probably put all of us in a matching set.  
But this year, Chris grew.  And so did Sam.  And of course, we gained Jacob.  
I didn't have anything that matched all three! 
So I've been watching for a while.  And in November, my mother in law and I went shopping at Carter's on the way back from the shower, and we found these.  Can you believe she'd never been to Carter's. I may have created a monster.  But now I Matching Polar Bear jammies for all three boys! 
The funny thing is that the boys were as excited to receive them as I was.  Until recently, it hasn't really been cold enough to wear them.  That didn't stop the big boys, but this was the first time Jacob wore his.  
For story time. 

And they were So Cute reading together.  

Stinky Cute Sweetboys.

What we really needed was pictures of the matchy jammy sweetboys in front of the Christmas tree.  
So I plopped them in from blue snowflake tree, and tried to get some pictures. 

Emphasis on Tried.  

The silliness grows exponentially the more sweetboys I have.  

But I did manage to get this picture.  All my sweetboys looking at the camera.  
They are awfully sweet together.  But Oy!  Don't they look so sweet in matching pajamas? It's pictures like this one that make me forget the craziness and all the lost pics trying to get up to this point.  I can't help myself.