Thursday, December 26, 2013

Murray Christmas

No, not Anne Murray.  Or Bill Murray.  Lisa and I used to joke about this song, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer that ended with a guy with a very low bass voice simply saying, Murray Christmas.

Jacob has been sick.  He got RSV, and he's a bit of a hot mess.  
But we're all still very excited about Christmas! 

I still managed to get all the boys in position for a cheesy photo in their new choo-choo train 
Christmas sweaters.  

It's been kind of a weird one around here with Jacob being so sick.  

Like I said, the poor boy has been a hot mess.  We've been staying home, chilling out, watching tv.  His cold has spread to me, and I'm singing bass, if that, sounding like Candace and the Wild Parsnips.  I chose wisely being the parent to stay home from all the Festivities.  

On Christmas Eve, I sent the big boys over to Aunt Amy's with their Daddy for Willman Family Christmas.  

They came home sufficiently spoiled and exhausted.  
Dad Willman was kind enough to take some pictures for me.  

Chris got some legos and a lego wii game that thrilled him.

All the boys were given little green alien hat from Toy Story.

Sam was given the Batcave, he was stoked!

Uncle Ryan and Aunt Amy gave Sam some new Octonauts toys that he couldn't wait to break into them and get playing.

I found The cutest earmuff headphones that I thought would be Perfect for Lexi, since she always has her head in a screen.  She immediately put them to good use.

Another treat for the boys were drum seats. When Chris turned 3 he was given a drum set by Grandma. But when we moved we lost the bass drum pedal. When Mom looked, she found that that the difference between getting a new pedal or a whole new drum set was negligible. So we received another drum set. :-) Then we realized we didn't have seats to sit while they played.  So Grandma got. The big boys drum stools, really nice ones! Now the music room is a percussionist's paradise!

And here's our Christmas cards, that haven't quite gone out yet, because I kept wanting to put together a Christmas letter.  I couldn't decide what to say.  I've been in such a funk, I haven't felt like I have much good to say.  It's been a very rough year, for me, for our family.  The only good thing I can say is that we got Jacob out of the deal, and that it was worth it.  Jacob has been the Best Thing to happen to us all year!  I'm so Thankful for all my Sweetboys.  But I don't want to dwell on all the crappy things before that.  Really, these swet faces are all I want to focus on this year.My friend Hope took this picture for me of the boys during Children's Sermon at church.  

And so, to sum up, Murray Christmas to you all!