Sunday, December 29, 2013

For the Dawgs

It's another good morning for blogging.  Something to be said for being inside with a sick kid, lots of blog progress, so maybe I'll finally get all caught up. ;)  Occasionally, for Christmas, Santa will bring us tickets.  Sometimes, it's a show.  Sometimes it's a Butler Basketball game.  We used to have Season Tickets, but since having children, we're lucky if we can make it to one game a year.  We didn't make it last year...for obvious reasons.  And we missed it.  So when the opportunity came up over Christmas break for us to take 2 tickets off our friend's hands, we had to snatch it up.  However, rather than just Eric and I go to the Basketball game on a date, we decided to go as a Family.  We got 2 more tickets and all went, but first Mommy had to have a little mini-dawgs photo session.

My little Butler Bulldogs. :) 

We actually got some pretty good parking, down by the carillon.  

This was Jacob's first visit inside Hinkle Fieldhouse for a basketball game.  
We'd been there for Homecoming football game this past fall, but this was Baby's first basketball game. 
And it couldn't have been a prettier day for it.  Bright and sunny.  
And using his new carrier made the trip So Much Easier!  

Baby watches his Bulldogs play basketball. He watches, just like everyone else, as one of the players, I'm afraid to say I forgot which one, takes a foul shot. 

The first half of the game, Christopher and Jacob and I sat down in the nice lower bench seats that were our free tickets, which Daddy and Sam took the upper section.  We snacked on things that I'd brought: dry fruit and cracker packs that had been stocking stuffers at Oma and Opa's.  At halftime, Daddy brought Sam over, and held some sweetboys while we listened to the band play.  During halftime, an older gentleman came up to us, we were just standing there laughing and being silly, and he stopped to admire the boys.  He thought they were very cute and sweet, which was true.  And at that particular moment, anyway.   He dug into his pockets and pulled out a 50 cent piece, a Kennedy half dollar, and gave it to Chris.  Then he pulled out more, one each for Sam and Jake.  My mind was blown.  I couldn't believe an old man was giving my kids money just for being sweet.  I suppose there was a lesson in that, about good behavior gaining more rewards than just money, but I was so flabbergasted, I couldn't say much except have the boys say Thank You.  That guy was so sweet.  
After the break, Chris and Daddy went back up to their seats, and Sam and Jake and I stayed put.  

Sam had a great time snacking, too, he was pretty hungry, and playing with each other. 
Jacob held on like a champ, he didn't start getting tired or snippy until 2 minutes before the end of the game.  

We won! 
As the game ended, I commenced to load Jacob back up in his carrier.  I'm so happy he likes it! 
The kids got their little basketballs out of the back of the carrier, so that they could go down to the court and play.  Only, there were guards on the court.  They wouldn't let the kids go play.  Chris started to get really upset.  The guard said they couldn't play because it was a double header, and the Women's team was coming right out.  What a bummer!  It was naptime for Mama and Jake, so we had to hit the road. 

But on our way out, we stopped for some pictures with old Hinkle Bulldog. 
The elder boys are big enough to climb up and sit on his back now.

Jacob wasn't going to fit up there, so Mommy went over with him on her back to pose with the big boys, and Daddy snapped this picture of Mommy with all her little bulldogs. ;) 

Then we started to mosey back to the car.   
They have since built a grassy knoll in the years since we attended Butler.  So we let the kids take their balls and run around and throw them a bit.  They weren't in danger of getting hit by cars or anything, and they had a great time!  I do so love the Butler campus.  The sports, the music, everything about it makes me smile.  It reminds me of the old days when Eric and I were students and just starting our relationship.  But it's also been a part of my whole life.  My parents used to bring us down there to play.  Now I get to bring my sweetboys down there to play too.  Can't wait until spring, we'll go for a picnic or something!