Monday, April 18, 2011

Dry walls

See this? This is the face of a man who didn't have to do drywall, a surprised slightly tipsy guy who discovered that 'The Guys' finished up (mostly except the garage and downstairs elevator shaft) putting up the drywall on Saturday.

1. This was the mud room Saturday night. Wow. It really looks like a laundry area.

2. The living room, our main family room, but I didn't think to try to get one picture of all of it.

3. The piano room and entry into the dining room. Wow, they look like real rooms!

4. The foyer, and the area looking up into the loft, with coat closet. They had to take down our temporary protection post, it looks really crazy. Or maybe it just looked particularly treacherous because I was a little tipsy Saturday night. ;)

5. Our kitchen. Look at those beautiful functioning recess lights. Love It!

Meanwhile, I was a little something something and sore from Saturday's extreme activities, and it was too late at night for me to be tackling stairs with no railings. So I didn't make it upstairs until Sunday. And in the daylight, it was even better!

Oh my. I love my new house.

6. I'm not the only one a little excited about this new house. Chris couldn't wait to see his new room. The plan right now is for the boys to share a bedroom, and the other bedroom to become the toy room/play room. If that doesn't work (or they need to be swapped out), the toy room becomes Sam's room. So Chris keeps calling this his room. He's so proud.

7. Oh and we have stairs too...stairs that look like a staircase, with walls and everything. We're all so excited. And these stairway walls go all the way up. It's so weird not to be able to see between the floors, or right out into the garage anymore. And with all the crap that was being stored on other floors now being stored in the basement, so as to keep it out of the way of the drywallers, it really looks like a basement.

8. This is the terribly terrifying view from the loft down into the foyer and entryway. No railing. Little scary - like standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon kind of scary.

9. Now comes my favorite parts. My bathroom. Here's my pretty birthday tub, parked in the corner. Near as I can tell, the green backer board above the tub is a special mold proof thing, and the grey is used in showers because it's meant to be underneath tile. They both feel like they have some nifty special layering on them, keep them safe from water and moisture, unlike the regular dry wall. And my beautiful leg shaving bench in the shower. I told Eric we're going to need a bigger water heater because I'm not sure which I want to use first, or most, my 'cuzi tub, or the super 2 shower head custom leg shaving shower. Maybe both. ;)

10. And my other oasis. My craft room. When are we moving again?

Just think, in like a month, they will be painted. Colors. With stuff in them, like furniture. It boggles my mind.