Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paint My Walls Turquoise....

I've got that Rolling Stones song stuck in my head..."I see a red door and I want to paint it Black. No colors any more I want them all to turn black." Well, it's not Black here, it's Turquoise.

Eric finally finished the electric a few weeks ago, and Dad has been working maniacally on Insulation using foam board. Eric finished electric, and suddenly realized he was going to scrapped for time to get it all done in time for the next bank deadline, and weren't going to make it.

Suddenly we got Blessed with a bank extension and other wondrous things lined up. Eric had wanted to spray foam insulation on top of the foam board insulation to really lock out all the leaks. It's going to be expensive enough to heat/cool this house, he wanted to do all the could to help. But his asthma has been acting up, that time of year, and I was getting really nervous at the prospect of him donning a gas mask and hazmat suit to spray foam insulation. Gave me the willies. Luckily I confessed to Mom (my mother in law) and she didn't like the idea either. With both of us against it, Eric reconsidered paying someone to install.

Then it didn't look like we could get anyone to do a rush job with the insulation we'd already purchased. Mom ended up finding a guy while she was househunting of all about Divine Intervention. And they did it!

They came yesterday, and finished up this morning. Which meant we had Daddy today. To Ourselves. :)

We ate meals together, all took a family trip to the theatre, saw Megamind for free at 10 a.m. So nice! Of course, we did pop by the house to check out the job when all was said and done.

Chris and I stepped outside and just sat there, I can see the few daffodils I planted popping up, and the trees and the birds, ahh.... it was beautiful. But of course, we had some beautiful interruptions too.

Oh! And the walls. I know you want to see it. It's amazing how different the house looks when the walls are all a different color. The sprayfoam insulation is blue, turquoise blue. And it's so cool, it's not pokey to touch, it was dry and ok for the kids to touch a little.

Honestly, the walls look cool turquoise. It really gives the whole place an entirely different look. A look I like.

Doesn't it look homey! I can't wait until next week when we get walls. Walls we can paint. Although really, it looks great. And it's so nicely sealed up, our house is not going to be Drafty!

And I'm really beginning to like Turquoise!


Seestor said...

See, now when I think of that song/situation, I just see this: :)