Friday, April 15, 2011

A day's worth of Drywall

The high point of my day: Drywall. I stopped by on my way to my lunch date, where I got stood up, and 'the guys' were already working on putting up drywall. HOORAY!!!

1. Looking up from the foyer, they were already starting to put up a slab on the wall in Chris's room.

2. Um, see that? That's a Ceiling in Chris's room, and the hallway! AND what you cannot see on the opposite wall, all that darker area is Sam's room getting all filled in.

3. So of course, the first thing Eric wanted to do when he got home was run over to the new house and see what the guys were up to....they were still working! They're still working now apparently (9 hours after I saw them this morning) Booyah! So, Eric was just as amazed by standing in the foyer as I was. Because there was ceiling. They had put up a scaffolding, and put ceiling up, and a lot more wall and ceiling in Chris's room.

4. The other side of the foyer, with loft ceiling, and a bit of the closet/elevator shaft getting walled off.

5. Take it away boys...go on upstairs. Doesn't it look so much more like a real staircase. This is really getting real!

6. That would be our Loft Ceiling. Yup. It's a nice looking ceiling.

7. Hello, I'm a real hallway. We can't see into the spare bedroom and Sam's/Playroom anymore. Because there are Walls there!

8. Check out all that lovely wall in the staircase. So cool.

9. The master bath got a ceiling too. Tee hee hee.

10. And look at that gorgeous ceiling and working lighting in my craft room. Great Job Honey!

Shaking with Joy!


Yasher said...

Awesome stuff! You must be SO excited! I've never seen a house come together this way before. It must be a very cool experience to see from stage to stage!

Elizabeth said...

That looks great! Drywall really does make it all come together! WooHoo!