Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Running To Jesus

We arrived a little early to Zionsville for an appointment today. We had a little time to kill, but the boys behavior didn't exactly warrant a trip to the playground/park as I had originally planned. So I went exploring. I had been intrigued by a monument that I'd seen from the highway, so we went in search of it.

Turns out it was the Lincoln Memorial Gardens. Yup. A cemetary. They had sections of the cemetary surrounded by a monument of Jesus in some station of the Passion, or other sections like the Veterans section, or the Freemasons section.

The boys really wanted to go up and see the Veterans tribute. It was so beautiful, we walked around and pointed out each statue and which branch of the armed forces they belonged. I know people in all of them.

Christopher actually ordered me to stop, he wanted to see Jesus. The 'Cristus' section had a beautiful statue of Jesus.

Couldn't blame him, at all. There are so many days I want to Run to Jesus too. Ahh...The Faith of a Child.