Monday, April 4, 2011

Back to Old Fairview

In the days when the Butler Bulldog Basketball team was making their run to the Final Four, our little family of 4 took a brief trip over to campus for a visit.

1. The Butler Bulldog

2. Mommy and her little Bulldogs

3. Daddy and his little Bulldogs

4. Boys by the Blue and White (or at least as Blue as you can get blooming in early April) but as a former DDD member, I'm pretty partial to sweetboys by the pansies.

5. Boys return to Old BU

6. Boys smiling by the BU

7. Boys by a Fountain

9. We love that they turned the fountains Blue before the Final Four!

10. Boys running wild in the Butler Gardens.

11. The view of the Gazebo, and the bench where Eric proposed with the back side of Hinkle Fieldhouse in the background. One of my favorite places.

12. The Carillon in the Spring

13. One of my other favorite places. Can you see the coi in the Carillon pond? They were as big as my arm, and the carillon in the spring is Beautiful.

14. The Julius girls and Willman boys sport their Butler Gear as we gear up for the Final Four game.

15. Our family of 4 on the night that Butler played the Championship game.

Bulldogs, thanks for the ride. I'm so Proud, always Proud to be a Butler Bulldog.