Monday, April 4, 2011

Horses Horses Horses

I entered this weeks Pioneer Woman contest, the subject of which was horses.

You know what I learned? I'm a City Girl. I don't see many horses.

State Fair Horses. Beautiful, but they make me sad. I don't like seeing horses locked up. I want them to roam free! Even if they do have prettier pedicures than I do.

Carrousel Horses. Grandma Pat even joined us on the carousel last year!

Old German Horses...1991 when we went to Germany. Don't you just love my sister's rockin' jacket and hair?!

Yup, I'm a city girl. Well, a girl of the suburbs. Nothing wrong with that.


Seestor said...

Yes, thank you, for posting THE WORST PICTURES OF ME EVARRRRR! :)

Cathy said...

There were worse pictures...just not with horses, and I didn't post them.