Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thar be Mud

We got a bunch of rain dumped on us last night, so I popped over to the new house today, make sure everything was ok. And it was.

I bumped into this fella putting on a coat of mud in the mud room, he popped his head over the door, and I was worried I might knock into his ladder. But there ladder. Love his shoes..stilts...whatever they are. I need a pair.

Get it? Ha. Mud in the Mud Room.

They've finished the first coat of mud yesterday and were working a second coat. These guys are fast...and they walk on magic shoes. Our living room looks awesome.

But not as awesome as the foyer, which still gives me the willies that the loft has no barrier from going overboard. Multiple guys were still working upstairs when I visited, so I didn't go up to see what was cooking up there.

Kitchen looked mighty homey too.

And as much as I enjoy seeing mud on the walls, I'm almost as thrilled with seeing mud in the backyard too. We have about 2 dozen daffodils blooming out back, that I planted in a frantic fit back in November.

In case you didn't know, flowers make me happy.