Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost Now

Today was a Riley hospital day for the boys. Sam had a swallow study and Chris had therapy and an exam prior to his surgery, which we scheduled for next month. The results of Sam's swallow study were the same as last time, so he's still on honey thick liquids. And Chris's surgery will be May 23. We had some time to kill between appointments so we opted to try to find a little fun at the hospital.

Sam wanted to watch the Elevators.

We found the library, which has Gorgeous stained glass windows.

Mommy's new favorite place from 9-5 next month is going to be the Riley library, they will let us check out 4 books or 4 dvds (they had a honking wall of them!)at a time. Sweet!

Sam enjoyed the library too.

We had a bit of time to kill, so we rode the monorail, a train that zips from Riley hospital to Methodist. The boys think this is great fun. They played their favorite game, Bumblebee car, which is basically I Spy for yellow vehicles. The monorail mostly for employees, but I know a boy or two who have been here before and enjoy taking a ride.

Especially on a sunny day!

**Addendum - Willette is doing a little blog linkup for Right Now. What's going on in your home, your life, etc.

So this is us Right Now, kind of huddling together trying to find Joy in sunny days even though a lot of crud is bearing down. We'd welcome Prayers for Chris's upcoming MACE procedure, and for our whole family as we keep plugging through trying times.