Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Party

1. Baby Daniel - He's 4 months old, a heartbreaker in the making, and this was the first time I'd met him in person. He wouldn't smile for me, but boy did he whenever he saw his Mama, but he kept making silly faces, this being my favorite. (My uterus flipped holding him. I want another one.)

2. Chris enchanted and enchanting - I was not the only one enchanted by baby Daniel.

3. Shower of Crazy - Our awesome party was a triple threat: Easter feast, Wedding shower for cousins Travis and Kelly, and Grandpa Willman's 95th Birthday Party! Chris kept playing silly with Travis and Kelly, they had pictures of them together all over, confusing Chris, he kept asking is this you?

4. Happy Birthday Grandpa (or Great grandpa) Willman!

5. Cruel and unusual punishment - Grandpa's 3 candles (Whew, there weren't 95!) were supposed to be sparklers, but they didn't sparkle, they sputtered. And he'd blow them out and they'd light back up again. So Grandpa kept having to blow them out. Not cool on a 95 year old man, even one as spry as Grandpa. Finally, a kind uncle doused them.

6. Willman boys - Grandpa and his 4 sons: Dale (Dad), Dean, Dave, and Jon.

7. And the ladies - Grandpa poses with his neice Dolly Beth, acting matriarch of the Willman clan, and all his daughters in law: Chris (Mom), Jan, Jill, and Betty. Got to laugh at Chris sneaking in on the ladies picture.

7. 5 and 95 - Chris was so excited when we explained that his Great Grandpa was 95. He thought that was great since he was 5. He kept saying 5 and 95. Probably why he was sneaking into the other photos, so I had to get a picture of just Chris and Grandpa, 5 and 95.

8. Attack of the Sweetboy - Cousin Holly gets attacked by a sweetboy while she's snuggling her nephew baby Daniel. Chris couldn't get enough of that baby, (maybe we do need another one ;) ) he followed that baby Everywhere, even when it was nursing time.

10. Us - A lovely family of four. Blue was our theme color, can't you tell? ;)


Unknown said...

i'm clearly behind on reading...the end of the semester will do that to got some good shots, though. you caught christopher right in the act of trying to sandwich daniel. :)