Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Good Friday

Yesterday I took the boys to the local mall to meet the Easter Bunny.

Sam didn't really enjoy it, when my computer isn't broken, I'll show a comparison of how Chris was pretty much the same shade of pissed off purple the first time he met the Bunny. The older kids were thrilled. We borrowed our friend Emily, and took her with us.

The kids favorite part were definitely the hats and lollipops they were given afterwards.

Turned out to be a really Good Friday after all.


Yasher said...

LOL Oh dear! I wonder if the Easter bunny in malls is an American thing because I've never seen that done in Canada, though admittedly, I've not been to EVERY spot in Canada.

Do ANY kids like mall Easter bunnies? I've never seen a smiling photo yet! LOL