Friday, April 8, 2011

A Yellow Kind of Day

Yesterday was a Gorgeous Spring Day. We're tired of cold, wind, rain, and all the other springy stuff. The sun was peeking out, and the Gardens were calling.

Chris was less than enthusiastic, at first, at going to the zoo, just to see flowers. But I told him, he could pick a color. Any Color. And that would be the color we would look for, the flowers we would try to find.

He chose Yellow. Turns out Yellow was the perfect choice of the day.

Yellow Pansy smiling.

Even a yellow hyancinth. Love their smell!

A celendine poppy.

But it was the Daffodils that really did it! All kinds of Pretty Daffodils.

White ones with yellow centers.

Yellow ones with orange centers.

The kids didn't care too much about individual groups of flowers.

They just wanted to point and run. And climb in and out of the stroller. ;)

But they had all kinds of beautiful daffodils just chasing the sun across the sky.

And yellow was the perfect color of the day.

Even Mr. Bunny agreed. :)