Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A New Old Book

Or, We've created a Monster


First the boy got a Millenium Falcon for Christmas. He LOVES it! He calls it his "My Yana Fatin" or just "My Fatin". Then Grandma was doing a bit of housecleaning, discovered some fake Star Wars characters, Eric can explain how they aren't 'real' but we'll just say they are like the ones we sold on Ebay, but not. Chris adores them too. He even mostly sat through the first two movies over New Years. Then this weekend, another find from Grandma, the "Star Wars Dictionary". It used to belong to Daddy, and Chris was honored and thrilled that Daddy shared it with him. Now, Chris wants Daddy to read it to him every night...and day...and night. It's a dictionary, with pictures; there are character discriptions, and models, and descriptions of every weapon, vehicle...everything, and just for the first three movies. It's insane. And our boy LOVES it.
Yeah, we've created a monster.


Tamsin said...

Oh my Gosh Oh my Gosh!
Ethan sleeps with HIS Star Wars Dictionary every night. He reads it ALL the time. Now that he can read, you can imagine the monster that the dictionary has created. I know more about the various ships than I would have ever thought possible, because it's ALL he talks about.