Friday, January 1, 2010

My Neices Rock!

Did I mention that my neices are being transferred to Barcelona? Well, with their parents of course. I'm so excited yet very bummed, and this may have been our last holiday with them for a while. First we got to spend Christmas Eve with them and then New Year's too! And it was so sweet to see the cousins play together.
But I was surprised at how sensitive the whole thing made me this holiday too. Christmas Eve, we were all sitting around the dining room table having a Skip-Bo tournament, when I got up to take a bathroom break, and Chris and Kaylee darted past. Kaylee asked me if I wanted to hear her play the piano, she said, "Do you want to listen to my music, because soon it's not going to be here?" In her 5 year old way, I'm sure she meant come listen to me play for just a minute or two, because I'm going to move on. But I couldn't help but hear in my head, because I'm going to Spain and by the time I get back, I'll be playing real songs, not just making up my own. So, yeah, I stopped. I listened. And then I cried.

However, this Christmas proved to be quite the musical one for our family. Alexis got a rockin' guitar, it's like a keyboard for guitar, without real strings, so kind of like an electric guitar. It was very cool, and it made Alexis look like she was 17 rockin' out on it!

Kaylee was given some nifty drumsticks that play like air drum set, where you just have to bang them in the air and they play some nifty riffs. Chris got a Drum Set. We were quick to move the drum set into another room so we could continue conversations, and shortly I heard noises. I went to check on Chris, and found he and Kaylee having a Rocking Duet. They were even switching and sharing. It was pretty cute.

But that was nothing compared to the rocking cuteness once Alexis joined in for the Family Band! Kaylee was rocking out, twirling her head around. I had to laugh when Chris tried to imitate her head roll, he just was twitching it back and forth, more like a seizeure than actually head banging. I never saw such a civilized rock band, each kid would take turns having a solo, before all 3 would start jamming again.

So that was our Musical Christmas, and for New Year's we planned another Wild Night of games and eating. Chris and Kaylee watched Wall-E, and pretended to be Wall-E and Eve chasing each other around the living room like they were dancing in outer space.

Meanwhile we played Outburst, Bang, and Beyond Balderdash. Alexis is 8 now, and she joined us, and held her own. She's dangerously smart, and a very deep thinker. She really brings such a fresh perspective to things. I was a little proud. We had Fun.

As the New Year neared we gathered in the living room to watch Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. It was nothing compared to our own Rockin' Family Band, but we'd left the drum set at home, so we had to settle for the TV. But it was really great to ring in the new year with them.

Who knows what the next year will hold?