Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pirates say ARRR on the Potty


So, today's picture is from the Riley ER, where Chris spent his evening. He's been battling constipation all week, and after a bumpy evening last night and another failed enema this morning, during which we discussed at great lengths what Pirates say on the potty, I booked an appt with our doc. He did an X-ray, saw something funky, and sent us on to Riley. After much time, during which Chris wouldn't talk to anyone because he was so happy to sit in a bed and watch all the cartoons he could, we got another x-ray, another enema, and they sent us home. Chris was very happy with his new puppy dog Spots that he got for 'behaving' during his x-ray. I could be more miffed about the whole thing, but really it's answered Prayers, being able to have all my boys home to sleep in their own beds tonight. Yeah God! I want to write more, but I am going to go join them in the sleeping.


Seestor said...

What was the "something funky?" Did they ever figure that out? Has he "gone" yet, doing okay? Call me or something.

Cathy said...

It was most likely gas, a gaseous anomaly, since the colon is always bubbling and moving, it probably just showed up squirrely on that one shot. Oh yes, he's going now, they upped his Miralax to full cap for a week, and he's clearing out.