Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stop Moving...

and smell the flowers, or at least look at them


For some reason Sam has not been interested in sleeping the last 24 hours, we got maybe 3 hours of sleep last night..interrupted of course. It was ugly. And we had a full day today.
First, Chris (and Sam and I) went to the make up Gymnastics class this morning. Sam wanted to play, but Chris did really well, during class. Meltdowns occurred on the way out but we plowed on. From there, we went down on a Bell Choir Field Trip, to the Westin to the IMEA conference to see the Valparaiso Chapel of something or other Bell Choir give a free concert. 5 octaves. Very cool. Not cool to the boys, they lasted for only 3 pieces.
Then we started getting tired, Sam's morning nap didn't occur to him, until I strolled him all over the Westin lobby while Daddy enjoyed the rest of the show and bonding with the church bell choir folks. Once Sam finally fell asleep (for his 45 minutes at noon) then we returned to sit outside the door, have lunch snacks, and listen to the rest, sporadically. They did a super version of Thy Strong Word, one of my favorite hymns, and it was So Stuck in my head. Then the bell choir from church folks went to Alcatraz for lunch. I didn't eat everything, because we were headed to my Dad's later, and my Stepmom is a phenomenal cook, and as good as my barbecue chicken pizza was, I knew in 3 hours, I better have room.
It didn't make sense at 3 o'clock to drive home from downtown to turn around 45 minutes later and go back down to the south side. So we didn't. Instead we 'killed' an hour and a half at the Zoo. What a great time to go to the Zoo!
Totally cool. It was good to go, it was a balmy 40 degrees today, downright springy, and we were Avoiding the Crowds at the zoo. They were feeding the penguins at 3:30, the tigers and bears were all awake and happy, probably getting the nibleez for their lunches. Chris even requested to go see the Pretty Flowers (which is the exhibit where the Butterflies reside) but when there are no butterflies there are some tropical flowers in bloom, but there were lots of orchids, birds of paradise (see behind the boys below) and something that reminded me of the red ginger from Hawaii. Whatever this plant above was, I want one. Still pretty and peaceful, again with the Very Not Crowded. It was lovely. I actually got to sit and enjoy them for a minute while Eric chased Chris around.

Both boys had a Great Time in the Tropical Garden!

From there we zipped on down to Oma and Opa's to celebrate my Dad's birthday, where we ate schnitzel and spaetzle, and homemade applesauce. ALL of us ate ourselves into a stupor, a happy stupor though. Even Chris ate a ton. But as the evening wound down, I began to realize just how exhausted I am. THIS is why I need a Nap everyday, moreso when I only get 3 hours of sleep, and that was WITH Sam in bed with me. Even a cup of leaded coffee isn't helping, got us home in one piece, but I think 9 p.m. is my bedtime. Time to stop moving, and go to bed.

I'm reminded of a quote of an old professor of Eric's:
"Sometimes, when you've been banging your head against a wall, it's Good to Stop."