Monday, January 11, 2010


Today was a mostly Pajama day. And although technically Chris has given up naps, he's been feeling Ootsy, so we all felt like naps were needed for everyone today. And so it was done. I set him up for quiet time, left the light off, and he was out. He's giving me some Peeps of his own as he woke from napping upside down with his head at the foot of the bed. Though Chris slept so fitfully, I joined him for half of his nap, until Sam required some joining during naptime of his own.

Also today, Sam discovered how to play in the curtains. He particularly enjoyed Peek-a-boo.


Seestor said...

Thank you for featuring such a FAB pillow on your website! :) Glad he seems to like it and is using it, that makes me feel good (and less awkward about how jankety my sewing is :) Also, my verification word is "lordi," ten bucks says the next one is "lan-sakes!" :) xoxo

SuperSillyAunt said...

What beautiful children! One question though....what's "ootsy" mean?
Lisa, it's a beautiful pillow. And I like the phrase "I reckon"

Suellen said...

Parker used to (ok, who am I kidding, "used to?") play "Boo" with the curtains! :)

Seestor said...

Nope, next verification word is "bless" - how poignant! Love the Dino-jammies too. :)