Monday, January 25, 2010

Not even my idea


Chris had a playdate today, with some friends from school. They were taking over Chris's room, and I find it best to not even look when that happens. Melissa and I were enjoying a dessert brownie when we heard Ryan ask, "Mom are you going to take our picture?"

She asked, Do I need to? And I ran for my camera. When I got to Chris's room, this was what I found.

All 3 kids, had emptied to toy chest of all its contents and climbed in themselves.

It never fails to surprise me, the speed and exponentiality with which toddlers can make messes.


Carla S said...

Happens all the time at my house. For some reason the kids would rather play in the box than play with the toys. It made me think. Maybe I should just remove all the toys and give them boxes to play with!