Saturday, January 2, 2010



Because we're Bonkers. Daddy ran a 5K this morning at Cool Creek Park in Westfield, and the boys and I bundled up to cheer him on. Of course, our cheering lasted the 2 minutes we left the Nature Center to escort him to the Start line. We made him come back to find us inside afterwards. The high today was 15, it was 9 degrees when he ran this morning. I'm telling you, Runners are a CRAZY breed of people. But we had fun.


Rachel said...

Are you sure it's runners and not just your husband?


Tell him way to go!

Does 2/365 mean your goal is to blog EVERY day??

Kathy said...

brrrrr talk about dedication!!

Cathy said...

Yes. Well, at least post a photo everyday, it may only be a sentence, or a wordless wednesday type photo, but yes, I'm going to try everyday!