Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wee Toe


I'm pretty sure my pinky toe is broken.

This afternoon, I was feeding Sam, who objected highly to chicken and vegetables, so I paused, and was cleaning up some clutter in the front hallway. On my way to Chris's room, I tripped over the giant bags of salt in the hallway, not once, not Twice, but THREE TIMES. (Yes, I DO blame my husband a little bit for this.) I tripped on it once, dinged the toenail, my formerly festive Colts Blue and moved on. Moments later, taking another pack of restaurant crayons into Chris's room, BAM! I did it again. I gimped into the kitchen and sat down on the chair to try to feed Sam some more. That didn't go over well either, so done listening to the screaming. I didn't think I'd broken it, but my foot was throbbing a bit. I moved Sam to the living room floor, and once again tackled the bag of crap from the car. Upon finding another crayon (seriously I added to his crayon bag 4X) I go zipping through the hall, and BLAMMO! This time, yeah, the pain radiated up my leg, throbbing and all, I collapse on the floor. This upset Chris terribly. Luckily, his magical power is in his hugs, and after a good few of them, I was able to pull myself together and get up off the floor. But that stupid pinky toe HURT! However I could still walk on it. I put the kids down for naps, and grabbed some ice, but it was already swelling and turning lovely shades.
Now it's lovely shades of pink, no more wrinkles and a purple band, I caught a brief glimpse of the underside, and it's even uglier.

I hate 50# bags of Water softener salt.

However, once I told Eric that I tripped on the same bag of salt that he'd left in the hallway THREE TIMES! He moved it. I didn't have to ask him to move it, I just had to break my toe.


amypfan said...

OUCH! Isn't there supposed to be something about lightning never striking in the same place twice??

Cathy said...

Well, I've already proven that theory wrong.