Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Apple


Many moons ago, when we lived out west, someone introduced us to Martinelli's Apple Juice. I just thought the bottles were cute, little glass apples. But it was THE BEST Apple Juice! Today, we kidnapped Daddy for lunch at Einstein's on the spur of the moment. I'd not packed Chris's cocoa because, like I said it was spur of the moment. Chris has been asking for DAYS to go "The Badel pace" (bagel place) so Momma caved.
Well, I told Eric while he was ordering to grab something for Chris to drink, thinking he'd get water, because a. it's cheap, and b. Chris thinks water is the greatest Treat EVER because he wasn't allowed to drink it for so long. (On a side note, my son thinks Bread and Water is a wonderful meal--probably why he likes the bagel place--Fancy bread and water!)

Chris came back having found Martinelli's Apple Juice. (Though his bottle was plastic, a sign of the times.)Which he loved. Loved the apple shape. Loved the leaves. And was even more thrilled when we let him take a couple swigs right from the bottle. That's my boy!


Tamsin said...

Martinelli's! Oh, how I miss Martinelli's! It really IS yummy!