Monday, January 18, 2010

Pit Stop


It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day today, so we had the day off, though come to think of it, Chris doesn't have school on Mondays, so we have them off anyway. In this case, we spent the morning in our jammies, content to watch the Incredibles and play Wii Fit. But for lunch we got to meet Grandma and Grandpa at The Pit Stop. It was nice to see the Grandparents, it had been a while since we'd spent much time with them, with all the illness floating around here.

Today there was a Race Car on display in the area by the salad bar, and Chris found it. We met the owner, didn't catch his name, but he didn't mind if Chris hopped in. Chris had a great time playing Race Car Driver!

He pushed all the buttons, and turned all the switches, and though this car was raced as recently as December, he'd removed the engine and carburetor, so it was SAFE. He had a great time, and both boys enchanted all around us.


Rachel said...

Hey Friend!

Wanted you to know I've been reading every post, but haven't had much time to comment. Is The Pit Stop that place in Speedway? I hear it's yummy!

And I LOVED Chris' hair - he looks like a punk rocker :)

Love ya! Can't wait to go to the zoo!!!!!

Cathy said...

No, Pit Stop is in Brownsburg, at the intersection of Main and Hornaday/Dan Jones where the Chinese Buffet used to be.