Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I am not fast

It's Time to Catch up

No seriously, Jake and I are staying in this morning.  While he watches Big Hero 6 over my shoulder for the 4th time this week, I get some time on the computer.

This is my mantra. 
Baymax is my cartoon other half.  

So, I don't mind letting him have his own way, he's in underwear, he's dry.  He's getting better and better at going potty on his own.  He's a good boy.   I am however, going to try to catch up on Blogging.  No really, I am.

So I took this picture like two weeks ago, with the full intention of writing a post about my new year's goals.  But I just didn't get around to it.   Do you know what this is? It's a Fitbit.   
Aunt Teri gave me this on New Years'.  It was hers, and she had a couple accessory bracelets with it.  She had received a new fancier one for Christmas, and she thought I might like to try this.  
I'd never been one for counting my steps, frankly I don't use my phone or carry it around enough to have it do the counting, like Eric does.   And he'd gotten me a watch thing ages ago, but it didn't work for me.  E fixed it this past weekend, now he's using it, and figures, it works just fine for him, now that he tweaked it.  Anyway, so I started counting my steps.  

I started on the 3rd. I went about 5000 steps without any extra effort.  Hmmm... 
That got me thinking that the 10,000 steps most people are going for, was gonna take me a while.  

So I opted to set a goal that week of 6000 steps. And I met it! 

Then last week, I started scheming about our Spring Break trip.  We are hoping to go to Washington DC. So I looked up how many steps on average, someone walks while in Washington DC. 


 I looked up on the calendar as to how many weeks there were going to be between Right That Moment and our Estimated Time of Departure.  So I figured out, if I increased my steps per week by 1000, then by the time we go to DC, we'll be at 17,000.   So I increased to 7000, and that wasn't too hard.  But this week, I'm up to 8000, and though I do take one day a week off, I'm starting to feel it.  

And though I haven't lost a ton of weight, I'm down 5 pounds so far this year, which is extra great, considering post surgery, and my sprained ankle, I haven't moved much since Summer, and pretty much gained almost everything back I'd lost last year.  It kind of stinks, but it truly does take exercise and a healthy diet to get fit.  

I'm working on that too.  This month, I'm leading a Ningxia Red challenge with some Young Living team members and crossline members, with my Gold leader Val.  I've hosted this class before, and I drink Ningxia Red every day.  But this year, all 5 of us are drinking it, every day.  And so far, so good.  We're staying healthy, and getting healthier every day! 

So if you are among those who are in this challenge with me, and reading this... Cheers!