Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Borrowing a sweetboy

I got to borrow my nephew Cole today.  I did actually say hi to Bryce, who was being fed, and fussing when I arrived.  I thought I'd gotten a pic of the two boys together, but it didn't work.  Truly my purpose and joy today was to kidnap Cole.  He's been homebound, being stuck inside with a slightly high maintenance baby brother.  Oh my goodness, I know how that goes!  I don't think we left the house for more than Dr. appts for the first 5 months of Christopher's life.  Well, that's not true, there was one time, Amy invited us over, and let me take a nap.  It was the best nap I'd had in 4 months! I remember it well.  Anyway, so after I took Jacob to school, I tootled up to Fishers to borrow my freshly 3 year old nephew.

I had plans to take him to Chick Fil-A, and to go to the Car Wash.  But he greeted me in his pajamas, nearly knocking me down, saying "Aunt Cathy, I want to go to the Library with you!"   Um, OK.
Yes, Aunt Cathy is a big sucker for anyone who calls her Aunt Cathy, particularly if there is a hug accompanying it.  Whatever you want sweetheart.  I was just happy we were going on an Adventure together.

But my car was gross.  So I kidnapped him and we went to the Car Wash.  He wasn't a fan.  We were about halfway through, and he asked, Are we done now?   Can we be done?   By the time we pulled away, he was saying, that it had scared him... a little.  

Pretty brave boy.

And then we got to the library!  Turns out Fishers has a groovy library, with a nifty kids section.

I asked him to pick out a book. 
He was not interested, until I found a Batman book.  
Then we 'read' it, mostly, and he was up and off again.  

This was a cool contraption, it's attached by magnets to something like a magnetized white board, and he could roll these puffballs down the path he'd set up.  

We spent a lot of time at this contraption. 
It was pretty cool.  
Science!  Maybe he'll be an engineer.  We don't have one of those in the family yet.  

But we weren't able to stay long.  I had to zip him back to his mom's so I could hightail it back to the Burg to pick Jacob up at noon.  And as it turns out Fishers has a Lunch Rush Hour. It took me twice as long to get back to the Burg as it had to get up there.  I called and begged Eric to meet me, fetch Jake.  As a perk, we used the last of the petty cash and went out to China's Best Buffet for lunch together as soon as we grabbed Jacob.