Sunday, January 22, 2017

That one winter day was two

You know how every year we get that one winter day that it gets really warm?   This year it broke 60 degrees.  AND instead of just being one crazy day, it was 2.
What are the odds that we would get two days of 60 degree temperatures?!  In Indiana?!  In January?!
And my kids were so crazy, I was Mad enough to not leave the house.  I'm staying in today, I didn't even go to church.  The kids were up at 6, yelling and being all crazy.  I couldn't stand it.  By 8 I was over it.  So I stayed home, chilled out in the quiet.  Then I put them outdoors after lunch.  I figured it out.  They needed to run off some energy, I mean come on, it was 60 degrees outside all weekend!  So I let them go.  Some days kids just need to play.  Yesterday, I'd put Eric on bringing down the Christmas lights.  It's a rare day we get them down and put away before February.

It was a beautiful weekend for all three yahoos to break out all their scooters.  

Watch out!  It's Attack of the Sweetboys! 

This is my new favorite picture.  
And how groovy for them to be all sweet and stuff playing outside in January.