Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Best Earrings for Flannel

My sister in law and I got to run away on Monday.   She recently had a baby, but my nephew Bryce has been in the NICU at Riley North.  She has been threatening to take me to a place, called Charming Charlie's.  She said I NEEDED to go.  For a couple years.   Then on Cole's Birthday Party on Friday, we were talking about Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream.  Turns out that 's her favorite flavor too, and there's a place called Grater's around the corner, that is her favorite.   She thought I needed to try that too.
I got the idea, that perhaps, as a distraction, we may need to take some Girl Time and run away to these places.   Too bad we never seem to have time, like say when husbands are around to watch kids.  Oh Wait!  It's Christmas Break, and our husbands were around to watch kids.  Bam!

So I drove up there and we ran away to Charming Charlie's.
Oh my goodness.  I love this place!  It's the Mecca of Accessories!  It was mostly artificial jewelry, but of a higher quality than say Claire's.   They also had some cute clothes, hats, scarves, purses.  All the Girly Things!   I'd forgotten how much fun it is to be girly.  Most of the time, I tend to refrain for lack of money.  But my parents had given me Christmas money, and I had yet to spend any of it on frivolity for myself.   So I had my budget and I went.  We spent two hours just moseying, shopping, looking at things, and most important of all... Laughing.

There were moments I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.  And it felt so good.  I mean, what new Mama doesn't need a Tiara or Mask?!

And when we left, I pulled out my bag, to put something on myself.  I had picked Erica up a birthday present when she admired a ring I thought would look stellar on her.   I gave it to her immediately when we got to the car, so I wouldn't forget.  And it looked Really Good on her!   So then I thought about which of my goodies would look best on me.   I asked, her, "Which earrings look best with flannel?"   It didn't occur to me before I said it how ridiculous that sounds.  I had dressed for shopping comfort not style.   And I was in jeans and flannel.  That saved me, I'm sure, for some crazy purchases.  Bling doesn't really work with flannel.

She laughed at me.  And I laughed.  And we laughed and laughed.  So hard my tummy hurt.
It was so good for both of us to laugh that hard.   When you're baby is in NICU,  you don't get a chance to laugh that hard, but it gave both of us all kinds of energy.  We had amazing ice cream for lunch, and yapped each other's ears off, and it was Wonderful.   We really should play more often.

And with that good news, we found out that Bryce may be coming home this week.  Sure, he'll still have his N/G tube, and Karl and Erica are going to have to learn how to put it back in, because he's so feisty that he keeps yanking on it.  But that's the Last Thing keeping him there.  Now he can come home and snuggle and grow big with his fam!   Best News!   And it means we'll be able to see him soon.  He's been in lockdown at the Hospital for 4 weeks, because RSV season started.  I can't wait to see him.  His face has filled out, he's got a little buddah belly, and he weighs just over 7 pounds, he looks more like Jacob than Cole now.  It does my heart such good.

Oh, and for the record, we decided gold hoops go best with flannel. ;)


Elizabeth said...

Love this! Love the laughter!