Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wanna come play?

My sister in law called last night.  My baby nephew Bryce was admitted in the hospital for RSV.  Poor Boo.  They said he wasn't too bad, mostly just being observed overnight.  Since he's a Preemie, they don't mess around.   She wanted to know if I wanted to borrow Cole for the day.

Um, heck yeah!!

Cole arrived right before it was time for Jacob to go to school. 
Do you know that vintage Awesome shirt, used to belong to Eric and his brothers.   We're passing it down to the next generation.  And now it's Cole's favorite.  Doesn't matter that it barely fits him anymore, he doesn't care.  He's a goose. 

I offered him a snack at 10.  But he came up to me at 10:30 with this, and told me, "I need a spoon for my jar!"  Oh yeah, this kid fits into our family!   His cousin, uncle, Grandma, are all peanut butter addicts.  He comes by it honestly.   He was cracking me up.  We played Rescue Bots while watching Rescue Bots.  We watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.   Then we popped over to Trader Joe's where he enchanted everyone who saw him.  

Then it was time to go pick up Jacob from school. 
Jake's class wasn't ready, but Cole found some big kids playing, so he just grabbed a ball and joined right in. 

He thought Jacob's school was the Bee's Knees! 
Then Jacob got out of class, and the two of them took off riding tricycles.  
They had some energy to spend!

They were just the cutest things together in the car!

 I took the kids to Chick Fil-A where we met Eric for lunch after his back MRI.  As we pulled up, I got the biggest kick out of them saying Chick Fil-A.  So I recorded them saying it.  Jacob called it, "Chico Flay" and Cole called it, "Chief Away".  They kept trying to say it right, and practicing.  I hope they never quite get it, or at least, not for years.  This was too cute. 

Over and over and over again, they climbed up the tree tower at Chick Fil-A and came barreling down the slide, only to do it all over again.  They played so hard, and had a great time.  

This was my favorite picture. 
They held hands as we left the school.  But they were too fast for me to grab my phone, so when they did it again as we left Chick Fil-A.  That time I got the picture!   

Then we came home, and blissfully, everyone took a nice nap, Cole even slept longer than Jake and I.

Once they were awake and together, they had more energy to spend.  
They literally bounced all over the place.  
It was adorable, and I can't wait to do it again!