Sunday, January 15, 2017

Psych Icepalooza

We expected an Ice Storm.  They kept saying we were going to get lots of ice.  I'd gone to the store and stocked up on stuff.  We had plans, but I cancelled them. Saturday morning we were supposed to have gymnastics.  Nope, Mama is not driving that far.  Saturday evening, it was the Scout Campout at the War Memorial - Night at the Museum.  Nope.  Not getting stranded downtown, thank you very much.
We got to stay home all weekend, mostly in our pajamas.  We watched the rest of Season 1 of Star Wars Rebels, which is the kids new favorite show, and we watch it for Family Movie Time and the kids played on their ipads, sanded and their painted a couple coats on their Pinewood Derby cars.

 And in general, it was awesome to just be home.