Thursday, October 17, 2013

Jump Starting Fall Break

Boys have it rough.   Chris has been having trouble lately with his school friends.  He comes home sad, lonely, getting picked on, arguing with others.  He's stubborn - sure, but it's also that he doesn't want to play the same games they do.  Then last week he was reminiscing about the time the Julius girls were here to play as soon as he got off the bus, it was such a great trick for him.  He was thrilled.  He said he missed her.  It had been weeks, maybe even months since they'd played together.  Way too long. 

So this was my Surprise to Christopher.  

When he got off the bus there was a gaggle of Girls here to play with him.  
And it made his Day! 

He Was Suprised!  

He threw his stuff in the house and then the kids played and played and played outside. 

Godmother Kathleen got her Jacob fix.  He just keeps growing...and drooling. :)

The kids broke out as many toys as they could find.  And then the boys broke out the roller skates.  Chris was absolutely cracking me up as he clung to Kathleen's car as he tried skating down the driveway.

That was Not the only time he clocked his head on the side view mirror of her car.  Silly Goose.

Everybody loved finding a butterfly on the Butterfly Bush.  

It was a fast wee thing.  I think it's a Painted Lady butterfly.  

But I'm so happy we got this thing to bloom, it looked like it was going to die when we brought it home last spring, but it didn't.  Or at least, we were able to revive it.   I need to pick up flowers on the first day from Chris's school when I order them.  I 

All the kids were having so much fun playing outside together, the next thing we know 2 hours had passed and the husbands were on their way.  

But I have to show you both boys skating.  Though the term 'skating' is a loose interpretation. 

Kathleen said she loved our driveway.  I must agree.  This time of year, when the temperature is Fabulous, I love our driveway too. :)

It's Perfect for showing off skating, biking skills, and the occasional Irish Dance practice too.