Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall Break time with Grandma

I am one of a very few who are Blessed to have a wonderful relationship with their mother-in-law. We have good times together. And she's been gone the last two weeks to Florida.  She just got back, and she wanted to do some playing with the boys and I while we were on Fall Break.  First we were planning on going to The Children's Museum for the Haunted House.  BUT good thing I checked before we left, apparently the Haunted House wasn't open on Tuesdays.  So Mom suggested we all go to Jump-n-Play instead.  It's a room full of inflatables that the kids can bounce and jump, and well, play.  I'd forgotten how noisy it can be in there with that all the fans blowing up the slides. I'd forgotten how little patience I have with noise.   

But the kids had fun. Mostly.

Jake was weirded out by the noises.  But he was most content with Grandma.  He didn't last long.

Christopher on the other hand wanted to Jump all over the place.  He just zipped right up the slide, a long change from the first time I came with him and I had to climb and go down the slide with him.

But Sam wanted nothing to do with it.  Maybe there were just to many big kids there for his comfort.  But he spotted a tv and kept wanting to sit down and watch.

I returned from a restroom run with Jacob to find both big boys watching cartoons.  Yeah, forget that.  

Grandma had a better idea - how about lunch at Chick Fil-A?!  So we went there.  The kids played, ate, played some more.  And about the time Jake and Sam really started losing their minds, we opted to go home for naps.  Chris went back to Jump and Play some more at Jump-n-play with Grandma, since he was the only one interested in jumping.    
Then on Thursday, we gave it a go again.  We kidnapped Grandma and all headed to the Children's Museum.  My pumpkin was sporting his pumpkin garb.  

And the big boys were thrilled to wear their skeleton shirts Again.  When we got to the Museum, we headed straight for the Haunted House, and got in line.  Jake loved the lighting.

The boys loved the 3-D glasses.  Though I found out rather quickly, my vertigo is set off by moving while wearing 3D glasses.  And I couldn't go through the Haunted House without moving.  Luckily, it was still plenty Awesome without 3D glasses.  Jacob didn't mind taking them off my hands though.  

The theme was Time Warp - 60 years of Haunted House Awesomeness, so many of the rooms were retro themed - which was extra awesome for many reasons.  Old School really is So Cool!  
One of our favorite rooms was the Star Wars room.  Forgive the gritty photo - it was quite dark in there and the flash just blew it all out. 

Later, Chris was telling Eric about our trip to the Children's Museum, and I was hamming up all the great retro things, like a star wars and pac man, and Chris butts in, "Remember the really scary part, with the Dancing Zombie Girls?"  What?! - oh you mean the part where they show girls dancing to Thriller!  Funny what Thriller appears to a new generation.

Some sweetboys say Boo! 

After the Haunted House - I would have been perfectly content with just going home.  
But we had Mom with us, and she wanted to see the boys play a bit. 

The racecar sweetboys! 

We took them into Playscape. 
But it seems to become a common theme with Jacob that as soon as we enter Playscape he wants to get a diaper change and be fed.  This is what I did with him while the big boys played. 

Chris went everywhere. 

This was Christopher's first time in the new playscape, and he had a great time.  
Too bad he's a little bit too old to be playing there, but that didn't bother him.  There's an advantage to being petitely built, no one bothered him about being 7 in a 5 and under play area.  

Sam meanwhile stuck to the ball drop and the water stream. 

God Bless Mom for remembering to put a jacket on him.  His sleeves were SOAKED, I'd hate to see how bad he would have gotten if we hadn't had a jacket on him.  He was 'rescuing' the balls that kids had all brought over and thrown in the water.  What a helper! 

Grandma and her Terra Cotta Sweetboys! 

They had a small halloween movie exhibit, which I must say was one of my favorites in a while.  The original Sammy Terry (who did movies that were too scary for me to watch, and yet I remember seeing his narratives and thinking he was so neat) had a whole bunch of stuff there donated by his son, who has revived the role each year after his father's passing.  Very cool.  

The newest Ghostbuster. :) 

After one last carousel ride for the road, we had lunch and left.  
Grandma gets motion sickness so she sat with Jacob, literally bouncing him on her knee every time we circled round I could see him bouncing happily.  I was pretty happy being able to ride around with my sweetboys.  I would never have taken all 3 around alone, so I'm extra Thankful to have had Mom with me for some fall break adventures.