Friday, October 25, 2013

A Fall Break Cousin Visit

We have a rule around here.  You must be 5 to go up on the Top Bunk.   

Originally, I just came up with the rule to keep Sam out of the top bunk.  But the boys Latched on to it.  And they tell anyone that visits that you have to be 5 to go up there.  We had one friend whose daughter turned 5 and the next day began begging to come to our house to play so that she could get up on the top bunk. Mainly it's because they have to be old enough to be Careful, and/or to remember to take socks off, the rungs of the ladder are metal and a bit scary if you are a toddler in jammie pants or something.  Cracking heads open and rushing to hospitals are not on the schedule when we're having playdates.  Aunt Lisa brought Annie and Charlie over to play.  It was the first time in a while they'd been able to really hang out for a while and play, and even then they couldn't stay forever because we all needed naps.  

But....she did get up on the Top Bunk.  Now that she's 5 she can.  Sam's all kinds of jealous, he can't wait to turn 5.  But she got to get up on the top bunk with Christopher.  And she got to touch the ceiling.  

Remember when being able to touch the ceiling on a top bunk bed was the coolest thing ever?

Yeah.  Good Times.  

Meanwhile, Chuckles and Sam played in the basement and the kiddie kitchen.

Before I knew it, it was time for them to leave.  How time flies when the cousins are having fun.  I begged for them to pose for 1 cheesy picture for me.   I got 2.  :)

I love being able to send my brother-in-law pictures of the girls when they visit.  Lisa doesn't get as much photography time as she'd like.  But I like to whip out my camera and see what I can see. 

Usually the kids are uncooperative and tend to lose their minds when its time to leave.  But this time we let them put their shoes on, and go outside and play/run around until Lisa was really ready to go.  The kids had a great time running around.  

They raced literally around the house.  I must confess it's one of my favorite things to do, send them running around the house.  It wears them out, and they have fun.  Chris likes for me to count the seconds it takes for him to run around it.  He's been shaving seconds off his time. ;)  But this time there was too much cuteness and crazy for me to time it. 

I did manage to get the girls to come over and "talk" to me for a moment.  

Charlie is easy to photograph, she will smile when I ask her.  

Annie is a little bit trickier.  She doesn't like to smile for me.  So I asked her to tell me about her friends in school, she just started kindergarten last week, and while she was talking, she sneezed.  Twice.  After the sneezes, she smiled for me, and I'm happy to say they turned out.  

Sneezes are funny.  But that dimple is pretty cute too. 

And just as quickly as they'd come, it was time to go.  Time to say Goodbye.

Chris and Annie are cut of the same crazy cloth. 
Sam and Charlie are too, but it's a little less crazy, and a little more just their own way of doing things.

But I'm happy to say they are just going across town, not back to Texas.  For a while, anyway.