Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back to Butler (again!)

Last Saturday, the Butler Marching Band had a special show dedicated to Dr. Grechesky, the director of bands for the last 30 years, and before that, the Marching Band director.  Eric had him for SWE, but as a band member, we all knew Grech.  He challenged us, and made us appreciate music.   So when Muck wrote and asked that the Butler alumni come back and help out with a show, of course, we had to come.  

I know, 2 Butler games in the same month.  Well, we hadn't actually gone to the Homecoming football game, just the Festivities.  This game ended up being so much better, we didn't have to deal with the crazy crowds of Homecoming, and it was BU Fall Break, so we got to run around a bit more.  

As soon as we got there, we went into Hinkle to buy our tickets.  They are going to be doing some remodeling of the entry at Hinkle, They'd moved the Bulldog where we usually take pictures.  But that didn't stop the boys from hopping on.  

Christopher hopped right on the bulldog.  

Whereas Sam took a bit more convincing.  First Sam wanted (demanded) that we donate all our change to supporting rebuilding Hinkle.  It will be nice to use bathrooms Not built in 1929.  So yeah, OK.  

Then we got both boys on the bulldog.  

We missed Pregame, which was too bad since the North Central Band was marching and cheering.  Funny, I never participated, but I consider them mine since I grew up in the NC area.  The boys dashed right over to watch the game.  They've been getting brushed up on their football lately because Chris is going to be going with my Dad next month.   

Last week I broke out the baby carrier to carry Jacob around.  Here's our version of a selfie. ;)

Guess who was making the rounds?!  Hink the Bulldog!  

Chris hasn't gotten his picture with Hink in like 3 years.  So it was Great to capture a couple of my favorite bulldogs together.  

Mommy and Hink, and Jacob's first picture with Hink.  
Daddy had run Sam to the bathroom, so Christopher was our photographer.  Not bad for Hink and I, but Jake wasn't remotely paying attention.  That's OK though.  He still looks pretty cute. 

Once we got seated watching the game - Daddy and all his sweetboys watching the Bulldogs.  
These are a few of his favorite things too. :) 
 If you're wondering why Jacob is sporting his pumpkin hat, instead of the other one, it's because when we arrived, the sun was out, for about 3 minutes, then the clouds came, and it started getting chilly.  So we broke out the warmer hat.

Sam found a special seat up in the handicapped seating area, Sam-sized, when he had to go to the bathroom ...again.  

And while we were up there, I found the Julius family.  
We had some sweet cheerleaders rooting for the Bulldogs. 

Then it was time for the Band to take the field.  

Yeah Band! 

We had prime seats watching Grech direct from the 50 yard line!  

They were doing some of Grech's classic pieces, the theme being Entertainment through the ages, so they did some oldies.  They started with a bit with Snidely capturing the fair lady on the railroad tracks, which the boys got a big kick out of the students acting it out, train, tracks and all.  Then the band turned around, and when the came back around, they were all sporting Groucho Marx masks.

Then they proceeded to sing and play Lydia, the tatooed lady.  

They sounded great, especially considering our friends had only 1 mass rehearsal that morning.  In the rain.  

You know, it's the True Band Fans that are there at 7:30 in the rain.  And old. 

We were impressed as all get out that they continued playing No Business Like Show  Business and managed to get down on one knee.  A friend told me later, that after that song finished and the whole band stood up, there was a great collective groan from the alumni.  No Doubt! 

Then Muck and the new University President presented Grech with a beautiful wreath of blue and white flowers.  It's hard to not get sappy and teary when we think of these guys, and all they've done for our school.  Flowers isn't the least of what they deserve.  

After the band performance, well, then the boys and I were ok with leaving.  Honestly, we were there to support the band, and the many of our friends who came into town to participate.  We got lucky and were able to bump into a few of them up at the top of the Butler Bowl as we were headed out.  Really, we're took us the entire 3rd quarter to actually leave.  But we got to talk to our friends for a bit.  

And our kids all ran around like nuts.  
It was great.  

Chris borrowed Joe's Groucho glasses.  

This was probably my favorite shot, Chris sporting the glasses.  
Though I also got a great one of Jack wearing them too.  

They didn't work for Sam at all.  

Jacob was busy having a great time in his carrier on Daddy's back. 

These are a few of my favorite things too - Daddy, Sweetboys, Hinkle, and some homemade projects I made, the pumpkin hat and hot wheels cape.  

This kid is too stinking cute.  

Meanwhile the kids ran wild, playing London Bridge and getting all kinds of crazy, until we forced them to stop. 

Cousins in the bond.  
4 different families, all marching band parents, all in TBS/KKPsi, and our kids.  
It's a lot of Cuteness.  And hard to resist.
We were Blessed.