Thursday, October 10, 2013

Gorgeous day for an Adventure

The sun rises in our backyard, on a beautiful October day. 
A new morning.  A gorgeous green early fall day.  

I love my backyard in the mornings.  The dew on the grass simply sparkles.  I love the trees with all their leaves and shade.  And I love this weather, jeans weather. Jeans is my favorite season.  

And it was crisp and cool enough in the mornings this week, that I'd dress warm or in layers, and by noon, ready for t-shirts.  As inconvenient as it is to need long sleeves in the morning and short in the afternoon, I kind of love it.  And I love being outside in it. 

Tuesday morning turned out to be one of those just such perfect mornings. 

And we had plans with my friend Melissa, what we weren't exactly sure, so we met up at Starbucks to discuss.  It was nice enough to sit outside for a moment.  Sam got cocoa, and he, Alex and Della sat at the kids table while the grownups figured out where to next. 

We decided to hit up Blastoff Park.  Since it was a little cool, it would be perfect, not too shaded, so maximum amount of sun, and it had rained all weekend, and the ground was still a bit wet, but it wouldn't be too bad at that park.  

So we took Mr. Supercheesy to the park. 
And he barely held still for all the fun and playing.

Jacob had a pretty good time too.  
He thinks Melissa is pretty darn funny. 

Since it was chilly this morning, it was time to break out the Fall Garb.  Jacob got to sport a Little Pumpkin onesie, and use the old faithful Hot Wheels cape that I made Chris back in 06.   He likes it too. :)  

But I like playing outside on a sunny day with my little punkins too.