Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Last year, I was pregnant and tired.  I didn't make a trunk for our church's Trunk-or-Treat.  
This year, I wasn't planning on it.  It was going to be on a Tuesday night, which traditionally are tricky for us, because we're cramming dinner in before Eric has bell choir.  This year, my friend Lori, who runs them, wrote, very worried, she only had about 4 cars signed up by Saturday.  She asked (begged) me to participate.  I said Sure.  Luckily (?) Eric's bell choir got cancelled, because Chris had a piano lesson (bumped for Halloween) to Tuesday night at 6. Oy.  So we split up.  Eric took the boys to piano, with their costumes, and Jake and I headed to the church to set up.   I gotta tell you, that's the key to parenting with 3, Divide and Conquer! 

Check out my Extra Special Helper - Super Baby!  

Chris thought we should have won because of Super Baby's cuteness.  

Just after the sun set, I had a couple sweetboys come Trick-or-Treating to my car.  

That was all I saw of them.  Jake was cold, so I passed him on to Daddy, and I manned the car.  There was candy, and games, and my boyz disappeared.  I guess they had a Wonderful time; we had fully loaded meltdowns when it was time to go home.  Christopher was concerned why we didn't win a prize for best trunk, I told him, throwing down black blankets, which was all I had time or motivation to rustle up, wasn't really enough to win.  Some trunks went all out, with carved and lit pumpkins, and/or blacklights, music, the Works.  I really enjoyed sitting at the car and having all the cuteness come to me.  I parked at the end though, and it wasn't lit well, a lot of people didn't see my dark car in the dark.  Next year, Christopher promised to help me really decorate a trunk.  He wants lights...and next year, he wants to win.